Capture Elegance With Curly Willow Branches

Want to know how to add a modern and fresh feel to your family or living room? Curly willow is your answer. Curly willow really makes an interesting framework for important elements in any floral centerpiece design. For example, you can add fresh flowers in water tubes and embellish them with acrylic crystal pendants, ornaments and accessories, transforming these branches into a work of art.

Here’s how to do it. First, choose your vase. For an elegant look in a glass vase, put some acrylic ice rocks at the bottom of the vase. This also gives your vase added stability. Then gather the branches in your hands, arranging them as you gather them. Tap the gathered branches into a hard surface to make the bottoms even. Then insert the branches inside the vase. If necessary, rearrange them to your liking. Then add focal points such as large flowers and botanicals close to the rim of the vase. Next, add filler stems. For event work, add crystal garlands, hanging pendants and other accessories.

If you want to add green oak curly willow branches to your home living room decor, there are plenty of do it yourself kits that you can purchase online. You’ll get everything you need in the kit to construct a centerpiece that will leave your guests talking about it after they’ve left!

A Modern Country Home Design

I really love the country look when it comes to home decor. It gives you that feeling of simple elegance but with a touch of sophistication. I also prefer the home to have that white look. It adds to the simple and clean look, especially if done right. Check out this video as an example.